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A hotel with a rich history

The story of City

For the beginning of the story, we must go back to the early 1800’s. On the spot of today’s City Hotel, there was “Bitenc”, a well-known pub, frequented even by the most celebrated Slovene poet, France Prešeren. In 1899, the land was sold to Štrukelj family, the pub was demolished and in 1903, a new inn opened in its place – Hotel Štrukelj.

The Štrukelj family had no children, so the hotel was inherited by a nephew, Jernej Černe, who continued and expanded the business. Jernej Černe had four children: Marija Ana (Marjanca), Meta, Jernej Janez and Marko, who were all expected to take on certain duties of the daily hotel business.

Jernej Černe, the head of the family, was kidnapped and murdered by the Slovenian Communists in 1942, thus leaving a fully operating hotel to his wife and children in uncertain times.

During World War II, the hotel was open for business, unlike the neighboring Union, which was taken over by the occupying Italian forces. As a result, Nikolaj Krajc (Niko), a timber trader and property owner from Grahovo, who was a regular Union guest, moved to the Štrukelj hotel. A romance was born between Niko and Marjanca, resulting in marriage in the May of 1945. The love story became a hard reality only days later, as they were forced to take refuge from the Communist Revolution and flee to Austria, leaving Marjanca's mother, sister and brother as well as the hotel behind. Niko and Marjanca Krajc later migrated to Australia, where they successfully created a new family business in construction and housing.

The hotel business was suspended in 1945; the remaining Černe family members were placed under house arrest until the building was confiscated in 1946, upon which the family was thrown out in 1949. The government took over the hotel and opened it for business, renaming it the Hotel Turist. Development was continued throughout the years, with floors and new rooms being added during different steps in history.

After the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Krajc family and the Černe family reclaimed the confiscated hotel and through financial consolidation created the Krajc Hotels entity, which owns and operates the hotel today. It was also decided that the hotel would be branded as the City Hotel Ljubljana and so formally ended the era of the communist Hotel Turist. Due to poor maintenance of the historical building, built in 1905, it was decided that this would be demolished and replaced by a new building, which was opened in 2007.

Today's City Hotel is owned by the Krajc family.