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WEEKLY MENU 21.9. - 25.9.2020

Daily lunches

Our daily lunches keep on surprising and we are proud to attract many local guests. We exclusively use the freshest local ingredients to ensure the highest quality of our meals. In the hands of our talented cooks, the delicious ingredients turn into selected daily lunches.

We offer three daily menus, which we are famous for: the delicious and affordable City and vegetarian City Vegi menus and the Sea menu for seafood lovers. In addition to the menus, we offer a selection of daily fresh pastas and soups.

For the most enthusiastic foodies, our regular offer also includes a special Chef's selection.

For the truly health-conscious, we offer the "Healthy garden", a selection of delicious crunchy salads chock full of vitamins.

Gourmet Ljubljana - Taste Ljubljana

As part of the Taste Ljubljana project, you can experience Ljubljana through traditional flavours of dishes, prepared with local ingredients from surrounding local farms.

Thursday, 24.09.2020

Kohlrabi soup
1,10 €
Tris of seafood risotto and fried shrimp in potato dough
9,90 €
Mixed grilled meat, baked beans and barbecue vegetable
7,90 €
Vegetable lasagna, gorgonzola sauce and fried rocket
7,90 €
Selection of salads from the salad bar
1,90 €
Blueberry strudel
1,90 €

The prices above apply when served with a main dish selection.

Recommendation from the kitchen
  • Soup of the day (2,80 €)

  • Buckwheat dumplings with Tolmin curd cheese, baby spinach and Gorgonzola sauce (8,10 €)
  • Home made cheese dumplings, roasted porcini mushrooms and truffle foam (9,50 €)
  • Chicken taquitos, fries and salsa rossa (6,90 €)

  • Club sandwich with chicken, avocado, egg, bacon, tomatos, salad, dressing and fries (8,90 €)

  • Fillet of sea bream with baby peas, mashed carrots and cherry tomatoes (12,50 €)

  • Beef medallions with mixed pepper, mustard seeds and cottage cheese dumplings (16,90 €)

  • Cesar Salad: lettuce, tomato slices, bread croutons, house Cesar dressing, slices of grilled chicken (7,80 €)

  • Salad with Strip Steak: lettuce, rucola, cherry tomatoes, strips of grilled rump steak, sliced onions, dry tomatoes (8,90 €)

  • Salad with smoked salmon: lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomato, slices of smoked salmon, avocado dressing with sour cream and dill (9,50 €)

  • Small salad (3,20 €)

  • Medium salad (5,50 €)

  • Large salad (7,50 €)

Dishes containing allergens: gluten, lactose, eggs, nuts, sesame seeds, fish