Sustainability report 

Our 5 steps towards environmental sustainability

At City Hotel Ljubljana, we are firmly committed to a sustainable business strategy based on a respectful attitude towards the environment, our employees and the community.

Our green policy is based on the “reduce, reuse and recycle” motto.

Sustainable development shapes our food procurement and processing practices, the entire facility maintenance protocol and the well-being of our guests. At the same time, we remain involved in the Ljubljana community, which is part of the identity and history of our hotel.


We are located in the city center, so the green summer terrace, where we serve all meals in the warmer months, also contributes to our sustainable development. On it we find medium-sized trees that offer pleasant shade during summer. Children enjoy the strawberries and raspberries that grow on it, and chefs come from our kitchen daily to collect fresh herbs. In addition to satisfied guests, birds and extremely important pollinators (bees) are among the terrace's frequent visitors.

Green Choice

In spring 2023, we launched the "YOUR GREEN CHOICE" initiative that was immediately well received by guests. By declining daily cleaning service, our guests contribue significantly to our sustainability efforts and we thank them with complimentary drinks in the City bar. We call that a win-win!

Waste reduction

  • Recycling bins are available to guests all throughout the hotel and waste is recycled
  • We strive to minimize the use of plastic by encouraging guests to drink Ljubljana’s excellent tap water
  • We've introduced Tetra Pak water in our hotel rooms, providing guests with a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional bottled water.
  • Bio-degradable to-go packaging for foods & beverages as well as eco-friendly catering supplies are being introduced
  • We purchase goods with less packaging and practice purchasing optimization with constant monitoring of critical stocks
  • Food waste policies are in place that include education, food waste prevention, reduction, recycling and disposal. We weigh and analyze the amount of organic waste on a monthly basis in the effort to minimize it as much as possible

Water reduction

  • Mixing station for cleaning products

Introducing our Mixing Station for Cleaners: a solution designed to streamline cleaning process while promoting environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness.


Here's how it works: Our mixing station accommodates three cleaning concentrates tailored for specific needs - bathroom, room fragrance, and a versatile universal cleaner. These concentrates are precisely blended with water via a specialized mixing system, creating the perfect cleaning solution on demand.


For our housekeeping team, this means no more measuring or guessing. With the Mixing Station, they simply dispense the pre-mixed cleaner directly, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in every cleaning task. By utilizing concentrated formulas and on-demand mixing, our system reduces waste and promotes eco-friendly practices. Plus, it's a smart financial choice, as you'll save both on product costs and minimize packaging waste.

  • Guests have the option of reusing towels
  • Guests can opt-out of daily cleaning service with the "YOUR GREEN CHOICE" campaign
  • We regularly monitor water consumption and tap service 

Practices to save energy

  • All rooms are equipped with double-glazed windows and sensors that interrupt heating/cooling by detecting open windows
  • We are regularly checking refrigeration units sealing to prevent greenhouse gas losses, controlling room temperatures and replacing air conditioner filters and room convectors
  • We highlight the importance of reduced linen & towel change frequency to use less energy and water

Supporting the community

  • Our chefs select locally sourced and seasonal produce of highest quality as much as possible. With this goal in mind, we’ve joined Ljubljana’s Green Supply Chains initiative. Our efforts are resulting in sustainable effects, shorter supply chains and reduced carbon footprints while at the same time boosting the local small economy
  • We promote locally owned restaurants, activities and services in Ljubljana

Reducing our impact on the environment

  • Guests are encouraged to reduce their ecological footprint by reusing their linens and towels, maintaining a recommended room temperature and minimizing waste
  • Suppliers and partners that share the “Fair Trade” ethics and approaches to sustainability are preferred
  • We are replacing all printed brochures in guest rooms with an online Guest Directory
  • Our thermally insulated facade reduces energy consumption
  • Grease traps are installed on kitchen wastewater


  • InvoTech Linen System:

Having all laundry chipped, we can use this system to automatically track all inventory (what linen is in storage, in circulation, in the hotel, went to the wash, etc.), how many times it has been washed and what is the remaining life span of each item to predict purchasing activites).