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Fitness area

Enjoy our fitness center on the 1st floor, completely renovated and newly opened in April 2023.

At City Hotel Ljubljana, we operate in a socially responsible manner, which is why we decided to support a successful Slovenian entrepreneurial story when choosing our fitness equipment. We chose the Kingsbox brand, which is backed by two enterprising Slovenians who started with sales from their garage and have now established themselves as one of the best quality providers of professional equipment for functional training.

The space features an anti-vibration flooring and large windows with plenty of daylight and a view of the City summer terrace.


  • A specialty of City fitness is the Mighty CX-35 CPS cage in City gold color.

A power rack is also called a squat cage or power cage due to its steel, cage-like construction. They are built with four vertical posts that surround the lifter during their lifts. A power rack is used primarily for barbell exercises, such as squatting, benching, and other heavy barbell lifts. They can also be used for pull-ups, band work, suspension training, and more.

It can be easily upgraded with different accessories and attachments. On the backside of the rack, we’ve added a CPS pulley system, that will enable you to add belted squats, rows, and different lat and pull exercises to your regiment.

There is also a cardio corner in the fitness center, where there are devices suitable for all levels of physical fitness:

  • KingsBox Royal Soft-run athletic Club treadmill
  • KingsBox Rowerg Concept 2 rower
  • KingsBox Assault bike

Gym also offers a large range of various Olympic bars and weights such as: 

  • Kingsbox Dumbbells
  • Kingsbox rubberized Hex dumbbells 
  • Kingsbox Kettlebell dumbbells.

Premium mats are available for yoga, pilates and other floor exercises.

We wish you a successful training!