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Light vs. Darkness

March marks the month when Mother Nature awakens and we receive more sunlight every day. Read about the Slovenian traditions of honoring spring and experience it in our City Bar.


From the 20th of March on, the days are again longer than nights for half a year. However, the impact of longer days does not reflect only in the spring awakening. Even we, people, feel lighter, more energetic and sense the love in the air. This month’s honoring of lightness, energy and love reflects in the Spring fatigue remedies and First springs snacks which we are offering in the City bar. And how did old Slovenian traditions and customs honor spring and lightness?


20th of March is the first day of the spring and the day when the sun starts its march of dominance over the darkness.


Tradition of Easter celebration in Slovenia is very rich and is closely related to the old pagan customs honoring arrival of the spring. Easter is also the oldest and biggest religious holiday in Slovenia.

GREGORJEVO (Slovenian Valentine’s Day)

Did you know that in Slovenia we celebrate the “day of lovers” twice? Once on the 14th of February (Valentine’s Day) and the other time on the 12th of March (Gregorjevo). Gregorjevo is, by the old tradition, the day when the “birds are getting married”. In the past people celebrated arrival of the light by raising  flaming torches in the air and floating  smaller pieces of burning wood down the local streams. In some places, customs are still celebrated today. In Ljubljana, for example, people float paper ships down the Ljubljanica River.