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January - time for new beginnings

With our theme of January being Time for new beginnings we invite you to set the desired goals for 2018.

December that just passed is one of the most emotional time frames of each year. Most people spend it with their circle of family and friends. Only few decide to go on a trip. To escape nowadays consumerism and to catch the best deal, they often decide to travel to developing countries. Because of the authenticity of the local inhabitants on the trip, they are the ones who actually become the most aware of the essentials concepts and meaning of life – love, respect and importance of the family.


Love. These travelers usually go on the trip with a beloved person. There, in the remote and genuine atmosphere of their destination, they once again devote more attention and love to each other –sentiments, often times underrated throughout the year.


Respect. Being surrounded with local people who usually do not have many possession but still nurture fascinating compassion and honesty, travelers regain respect for others.


Family. They become aware of the essence of family as an unconditional source of support and a shelter. I dare to say that on Christmas Eve, the thoughts of almost all of them at least once nostalgically wonder off to their families back home.


Meanwhile, all of us who stay at home, we rush and juggle between different gatherings, parties and last minute Christmas shopping. We simply forget to take time to reflect on the year behind us. However, we do devote some time to make our New Year’s resolution lists like “I will work-out more”, “I will not eat after 18:00”, “I will stop smoking”. The fact that such resolutions usually only last for a couple of weeks is a reminder that it’s better to focus on the original sense of holidays – as mentioned above.


This is why here in City Hotel Ljubljana, we don’t set the classical Yew Year’s resolutions. They too often feel like obligations and a lot of pressure. We prefer establishing new beginnings that lead us to our desired goals for 2018. With our theme of January being: “Time for new beginnings” we invite you to do the same.


We are positive that with the love for tourism, respect for our guests and our City family, we can look forward to another successful year.

Anja Puc / Event Manager