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Opening hours:


06:00 – 22:00

Lobby bar 07:00 – 22:30

Restaurant and Terrace

The City Hotel restaurant accommodates up to 140 guests and provides a delightful interplay of taste and comfort, offering culinary specialties prepared with love and care from morning to late evening. In the summer time you can also enjoy our delicious dishes or have a refreshing drink on our terrace.

Our executive chef Ana Nose began her cooking career right here in City Hotel, 25 years ago. She began running the kitchen shortly after her arrival and continues to do her job with the greatest pleasure.

Ana believes a chef has to be ambitious, creative and ready to broaden their horizons. Just like in fashion, a chef needs to keep track of the latest trends, while reinventing the dishes using their own inspiration and imagination.

In our kitchen the focus is on healthy and delcious food, which is why our chefs use only the best ingredients, prepared by employing healthy cooking techniques. Chef Ana has built a loyal and inspiring team, who share her vision and at the same time leave their own creative mark on the dish.

Chef’s Menu was created to bring an even greater variety to our choice of daily lunches. Chef Ana prepares most of the menus by herself and trusts her sous-chefs with the execution.