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Take a stroll through the beautiful streets of Ljubljana, visit and feel the lifestyle of the iconic Ljubljana personas who all wore moustaches: an architect, writer and a painter.

What happens if you combine Slovenian history and sporting activity? The result is the newest addition to an already broad selection of Ljubljana cycling tours, the Moustache tour. Worlds first moustache tour takes creativity on the whole new level as it introduces its participants to the lives and habits of three Slovenian giants, who played a major role in Slovenian history:  an architect Jože Plečnik, writer  Ivan Cankar and a pianter Rihard Jakopič, who all wore a moustache. This unusual and unique rout takes us on a stroll around Ljubljana and visits the favourite places of all three iconic moustachioed men – visionary room of Plečnik, favourite bar of Cankar and the National Gallery of Jakopič.


And who are these three moustachioed men, who left such a significant imprint on Ljubljana life then and now:

  • Jože Plečnik

Jože Plečnik is one of world’s most important pioneers of modern architecture who marked Ljubljana’s architecture in the way Gaudi did it for Barcelona. He constructed most of Ljubljana main attractions from triple bridge, covered buildings of Ljubljana, Križanske Summer Theater, Trnovo Pier, Cobbler’s Bridge, Žale Cemetary, National and University Library (NUK) and many more. His imprint on Ljubljana, unique urban specialty, is one of the most significant 20th century total art works in the world.

He has such importance for Ljubljana that visitors can explore his work on a special separate tour “Plečnik walking tour” or in the “Bicycle tour through Plečnik Ljubljana”

  • Ivan Cankar

Ivan Cankar, writer, play writer and poet, is the greatest Slovenian writer who left behind a broad creative work opus in Slovenian literature. His work has such a powerful impact on Slovenian cultural heritage that the largest cultural and congress canter in Slovenia, Cankarjev dom,CD Congress Center, carries his name.

In addition, we mark the year 2018 as Cankar year since it commemorates 100th anniversary of his death.  To this jubilee there are two simultaneous temporary exhibition projects available for visitors, one in  Cankarjev dom and the other in City Museum of Ljubljana.

  • Rihard Jakopič

Richard Jakopič was the main character of Slovenian painting in the first half of 20th century. However, until today 1200 sketches and painting and approximately 650 drawing are distributed among private owners, National and Modern gallery. Most of his work is exhibited in the National Gallery in Ljubljana


So, moustache tour has it all. It is a fun and interactive activity,  something one always seeks to free his or her mind during vacations. Furthermore, it  is an activity that broadens ones horizons about the cultural heritage – something often forgotten during  our hectic daily routines.


Additional information:

TOUR DEPARTS every Friday (until 31st of October)  at 15:00 from STIC –Krekov trg 10, Ljubljana

PRICE: 45 €/per person

DURATION: 3,5 hours

LANGUAGE: Slovenian, English, German, Spanish


  • suitable only for adults
  • tour is cancelled in case of rain