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Recommendation from the kitchen
  • Soup of the day (4,00 €)

  • Buckwheat dumplings with Tolmin curd cheese, baby spinach and Gorgonzola sauce (12,50 €)
  • Home made cheese dumplings, roasted porcini mushrooms and truffle foam (13,50 €)
  • Chicken taquitos, fries and salsa rossa (11,90 €)

  • Club sandwich with chicken, avocado, egg, bacon, tomatos, salad, dressing and fries (12,50 €)

  • Sea bass fillet, risotto with herb pesto and selected vegetables (17,90 €)

  • Beef medallions with mixed pepper, mustard seeds and cottage cheese dumplings (23,90 €)

  • Cesar Salad: lettuce, tomato slices, bread croutons, house Cesar dressing, slices of grilled chicken (10,90 €)

  • Salad with Strip Steak: lettuce, rucola, cherry tomatoes, strips of grilled rump steak, sliced onions, dry tomatoes (12,90 €)

  • Salad with smoked salmon: lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomato, slices of smoked salmon, avocado dressing with sour cream and dill (12,90 €)

  • Medium salad (6,90 €)

  • Large salad (8,90 €)

Dishes containing allergens: gluten, lactose, eggs, nuts, sesame seeds, fish