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Our story
About ''Štruklji''

»Štruklji« are dough scrolls with a variety of fillings, cooked and served as a main dish or side dish or even as dessert.
The oldest known recipes mention »štruklji« with a filling of tarragon, and date back to 1589.

At present over 80 different recipes are recognized on how to prepare »štruklji«.

We keep the delicious tradition. Try it in City hotel Ljubljana.


  • Spinach »štruklji« in creamy sauce
  • Vegetable » štruklji«
  • Tarragon »štruklji«
  • heese »štruklji« (salted or sweet)
  • Buckwheat »štruklji« (sweet)
  • Couple – Buckwheat »štruklji« with walnuts and cheese »štruklji« (sweet)